Jac (John) Hayden
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one Jac (John) Hayden. Jac was a beautiful, talented and passionate man. He loved his family, all animals and life. Jac proudly enlisted in the Marines and fought for his country in the Korea War. This man had a great love of music, he was a gifted self taught musician,teacher,singer and entertainer. He worked as a Maison for 20+ years, owning his own construction company. Jac had a great interest in the powers of the mind. He believed that destiny was in our hands. Thank you Jac, for sharing with me the knowledge to understand and know my powers. I will always be grateful for the happy, incrediable, fun times we shared together. "When the Angels ask me to recall the greatest thrill of them all, I will remember you." Love you,always. Bridgit
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Marine Corps Korea
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